Dexdog EZHarness

A couple of months ago a new company, Dexdog, contacted me about trying out one of their harnesses (well, obviously not me trying it but Guinness). I’m always happy to have a look at new products and it excites me to see how we are progressing into the future.


I’m also a huge fan of harnesses. Guinness once had a blocked salivary gland which the vet said could have been caused by a stick or similar or could have been caused by pulling on a lead & collar. Since then I’ve always preferred to be safer and use a harness when walking Guinness, especially long distances or in exciting situations when he might pull such as at agility shows.

The big selling point of this harness is the ease of putting it on and off. It slides over their head and then attached with one clip under the armpit. It certainly is fairly easy, as long as your dog doesn’t mind something going over their head. The harness I was using before hand slides over the head but attached with two clips, one either side, so it takes a bit more fiddling with. So yes… it is fairly easy to put on, but that’s not really worth much if it’s uncomfortable.

I’m no expert but the harness seems to sit okay in terms of allowing natural movement and not rubbing or irritating the dog.

My only slight concern is the front of the harness which runs across the dogs chest is only a wide nylon band with no cushioning and Guinness has choked a few times while really pulling in the harness. For this reason I personally prefer the fleece Y fronted harnesses, although I know a number of reputable dog experts who prefer the nylon H style harnesses, so I guess it depends on the individual dog and the harness, plus owner preference.


All in all the harness is easy to put on, easy to adjust and seems to fit fairly comfortably on the dog as long as they don’t pull. An extra touch that I really like is the ring which you clip the lead on to moves, so if the dog is walking beside you the lead falls at their side rather than draping across their back.

But before you go rushing off to buy you should know that Dexdog is an American company and they don’t ship to the UK at the moment. I know some of my readers are American so good news for you.

However watch this space, this company have started off in the right direction and since releasing the EZHarness I notice they have already brought out a new harness which is similar to the H style with a padded chest plate. I look forward to seeing how they grow and progress.

*Disclaimer – this product was gifted in return for a review but all opinions are my own and are truthful and fair and always will be in any of my blog posts.

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