Garden transformation

Since we moved in we’ve been itching to hack away at the garden. Part of it was fenced off and was just a jungle of bramble and hedges. The sunshine and views were partially blocked by a MASSIVE conifer tree and there were a number of sheds that we didn’t want to keep. The fence was also mismatched and patchy, plus blocked the gorgeous view.

Although it was a shame to destroy everything we decided we wanted to wipe it clean and start fresh with a blank slate. Both Ash and I are Scout Leaders and are good friends with our fellow leaders, so a bunch of them, along with the Explorers and Scouts, arranged to come round for a weekend and help us out. Destroying things, burning things and using axes and saws, what could be more fun. Plus it was a free weekend away for them.





We set to work on the Saturday, first taking down the fence then we destroyed the wendy house and shed, felled the pine tree and strimmed some of the lawn. The next day we tackled the corner chunk of overgrown bushes, tidied up the borders and finished strimming the majority of the garden.


Such a difference! I can’t believe how big the garden is now that it’s all open. There’s a still a lot to do obviously, but we’re one step closer and a lot of the big manpower jobs have been complete.

Moving forward the first priority is to get a new boundary fence and then we’re going to fence a section off and buy a chicken coop for our new future residents! Then we have plans for a pond, a seating area, some raised beds. But these can all be done one step at a time as we have time and money. Exciting times ahead!


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