Running again & new workout clothing

I’ve been longing for a run for a while and have jealously been watching some of my friends progress through the NHS Couch to 5k program recently. I can’t believe it was 5 years ago when I did it. 5 years!! Where has that time gone. Some of my avid readers will remember me documenting my journey though the program on my blog. I’m sad to say that I now can’t even run for 2 minutes before having to walk, and to think I used to be able to do 30 minutes.

Recently we’ve had a good spell of dry weather meaning I could run across the fields without getting stuck in the mud, plus the cows were away from my favourite paddocks, so Guinness and I went out and I did Week 1 of the Couch to 5k. It felt great! Running again in the peace and quiet of the farm, no one around, no lead for Guinness, no pavements, plus it was a dry, sunny day. Gorgeous! I was pleased to find Week 1 relatively easy, although I ended up running uphill a few times when I mistimed my routes, our farm is certainly not flat! But I guess it will only add to my ability.

I’ve now completed Week 1 and am halfway through Week 2. I’ve also entered the Cancer Research Pretty Muddy race in July! I’ve always wanted to do one and my friend who is currently in training for a 10k said she really wanted to do the mud runs, so I decided to enter to give myself that extra motivation to keep training.

I also recently spoke about buying new workout leggings and I’ve been absolutely loving them for home workouts. The ones I got are from the Next Performance range, one are black with some light blue and pink segments and the others are bright blue, turquoise and pink pattern (my poorly lit photo really doesn’t show off how bright they are) – &

DSC_0904 (2)

DSC_1048 (2)

There’s a big difference in price, and although in writing they are similar I’ve personally found the black ones are better for running as the blue ones slip a little. However they’re both brilliant for home workouts; I’ve worn them while doing HIIT, strength & yoga workouts and they’re very flexible, comfortable and don’t move around much. I love the freedom of not having rustly or baggy clothes on, plus I do feel they help your muscles more. The only thing I miss while on a run are decent pockets for my phone and a few dog treats and poo bags, although I can stuff a poo bag in the zip pocket at the back and I hold my phone while running, headphones attached.

I also bought a simple vest top from the Next range. It’s close fitting and although this means it reveals every lump and curve that you’d rather hide it does hold in place well while you are jumping up and down and bending over, doing burpes, push ups and crunches. It’s well worth £10 –

The forecast for this week is dry so hopefully I’ll be able to finish Week 2 and continue on to Week 3 running across the fields. I’m currently on the hunt for a decent pair of trail shoes and have been looking for waterproof ones, however a lot of trainers aren’t to allow for better ventilation. This makes sense but when you’re running across long, wet grass your feet end up absolutely soaked which is no fun at all.

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