The Troll Run

What a mad day. I don’t even know where to start.

We agreed to do the Troll Run a while ago when I was first getting in to the habit of running and going to Parkruns. Although I’d heard a bit about it from someone who had run previously I didn’t quite know what to expect, and I found myself standing on the start line feeling quite nervous. The more I heard about it the more I worried about if I would be able to do it, and exactly how tough it was going to be. There were all these fit, professional looking runners around us and there was talk that it was between 6 & 10k! I thought it was only 5k?!


We set off running up the hill, over some tires and under the first net. Thanks to all of the rain we had had it was muddy anyway without other people having churned it up before us. Up another bit of hill and I was puffing and walking. How was I going to do this?!


At my own pace that’s how. With bits of walking when I needed to and then bits of running when I was feeling good.

We climbed over a wooden a-frame, fought our way through some deep mud, then found ourselves having an enjoyable jog along the lake and through the woodland. Lovely! I’ve been to the Grange a lot for walks but it was really nice to be exploring it in a different way.


The nice jog soon stopped when the signs turned us in to the stream! Under a bridge, out the stream, pick up a tyre and carry it up a hill and back, another walk through the stream, then up the steep steps.


On it went, weaving through woodland, down a big hill, past the lake, back up the hill, up a steep bank through the woodland, over fallen trees and logs, through a stinky pool.


As we made it up the final stretch of hill my legs were done. I pushed on but I was aching. I was feeling the 45 odd minutes of work they had already done up to this point. I knew as we reached the top of this hill that it was all downhill from there and off we went at a run. It felt so good. Fighting through deep mud, under some tyres, down a slide and then the final sprint to the finish! Yes!


It had taken us 1 hour 8 minutes and my fitbit reckoned we covered about 5 miles. Although it was really tough and tiring at times I really enjoyed it and felt really good! I couldn’t have run the whole way but I recovered quickly after walking up the hills and overall was really pleased with my fitness. I am definitely feeling fitter than I was 4 months ago and feel good about myself.

Ash and family came with the dogs and were able to follow us around for quite a lot of the course. It helped that we knew the location well, although its hard when you aren’t sure which way the course was going to go.


It was a beautiful day which helped to make it even better and we went straight to the pub for a well deserved drink.

What an amazing day! I was buzzing. I still am. I’m looking forward to my next run and I’m looking for more events to enter.

I proved to myself I can do it and I am making improvements, therefore I can keep improving!




  1. I’ve recently started running and the troll run seems like a great way to break up the monotony of regular training. I think there are similar events near me, I just have to be brave enough to enter!


    • Ah well done you! Yes it definitely helped to keep me on track with my running plus was a nice change. The only thing with the mud, obstacle events is they’re physically tougher than just a straight forward run as once you’ve done a bit of running you then need to pull yourself up and over something, or under etc. But a lot of fun! I always find them easier if I have a friend there but we got chatting to other people doing it to once we arrived.

      Liked by 1 person

      • By no means would it be a weekly thing! But every so often would be a good way to keep training fun. I’ll try and convince someone to do one with me đŸ˜€


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