Saturday! Parkrun day! Finally I had chance to go back to my home parkrun, Cannock Chase.

Next week is the Cannock Chase 10k so it was a great chance to test myself around the area.

I felt so sluggish this morning, the weather looked like it was going to hammer it down and I was thinking of reasons to bail. But off I went.


It was nice to be amongst the crowd of fellow parkrunners again and off we set. My legs felt a bit stiff and sore, people were over-taking me, but I just kept going.

Past 2k, I really wanted to walk but somehow I didn’t. Past 3k. I knew the difficult hills were coming but I was over halfway now. Then we were at 4k! Somehow I still hadn’t walked yet. I knew there were a few small ups and downs to come, but thankfully I really like the last kilometre of the course so I tried to relax and enjoy it.

We were nearly there. I glanced at my watch and realised I might be in with a chance of getting a PB. From somewhere inside I managed to find a little bit more speed and pushed on to the finish!

33 minutes 30 seconds. A parkrun personal best! Plus the first time running non-stop around the Cannock Chase course! Which isn’t the easiest with it’s hills.

Oh my gosh!


Ash had suggested that I run it twice to complete 10k and I’d been thinking the same myself. When I reached the home stretch I knew I was going to.

So after a few minutes break to get my barcode scanned I set off for another 5k. I felt exhausted but managed to get my feet moving, but it was hard.

I set myself little goals of how far I would run until walking, such as the bench, the corner, the top of the hill, and then took frequent but short walking breaks.

Gradually my distance crept up. As I reached 1 hour I had done over 8k. Although there wasn’t far to go I didn’t have much left in the tank.

1k left. I tried not to stop but had to walk. 0.5km to go… don’t stop… okay little walk… now run. 10k!! Hurrah. 1 hour 11 minutes.


That’s not so bad!!

I know that under 1 hour is not in my reach yet but I’m pleased with only 11 minutes over that! I was thinking maybe aiming for under 1 hour 30 minutes was sensible but it seems I can manage better than that.

I can do the distance. I always knew I could but it felt good to actually experience it and see how it felt.

What an incredible morning. Worth stepping out of the door for and having a go.

  • Ran Cannock Chase parkrun non-stop
  • Parkrun / 5k personal best
  • 7th in my age category
  • 10k run done

For the first time ever I actually feel like I can run 5k. That sounds daft but I only recently achieved it and only along flat, tarmac path. Now I’m starting to think that I could go out and do a 5k on any course and manage it. I am a 5k runner now!

For the last month or two I’ve felt stuck in a rut, not seeming to progress my running and almost feeling like I was taking a step back.

This morning was progress. HUGE progress. Measurable, physical progress. It feels great!


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