I’m ready!


Well I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

I’ve got my t-shirt & new running shorts (don’t worry I’m not running in wellies).

My running has been progressing really well and I’ve done leg strength work to help with the hills.

I can’t run 10k non-stop yet but I’ll do the best I can and will finish one way or the other.

All for a charity I don’t have much to do with but absolutely love.

Collie’s are a special breed. They are sensitive, complicated souls that are often misunderstood and end up in rescue, but then tend not to cope well with kennels.

Border Collie Trust GB really understand them and do their best for every dog which passes through their doors.

Yet due to HS2 all of their hard work is going to be disrupted and they need to find thousands of pounds to relocate their rehoming centre to a new site.

I couldn’t not do something to help. So through these past 6 months of running, whenever it got too hard or was too cold or raining, I kept going knowing I needed to do something to help this special charity.

Cannock Chase 10k… I’ll conquer you on Sunday!


If you would like to donate here is my Just Giving page : https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ruth-turner14

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