Going self sufficient

With everything that’s going on at the moment me and Ash joked the other day that we’d just live off eggs for the next however-many-weeks.

Last Saturday we picked up 6 more rescue hens, giving us a total of 8 hens and one cockerel.

This is our second lot of rescue hens, we had 4 before, our first ever chickens, and they were wonderful characters. It’s very rewarding watching them transform from scrawny, bald things to healthy, beautiful hens.

Overtime they stopped laying and saddly for one reason or another they passed away, but I felt proud to have given them a chance of outdoor freedom for some time.

Last year for the first time we grew our own veg. Nothing complicated; green beans, lettuce, onions, leeks, potatoes and carrots.

It felt amazing to pop outside, dig up a fresh carrot and have it for tea that night.

Of course, as it’s only planting time now that doesn’t really help with the bare supermarket shelves, but in a time of bleakness its a nice feeling to sow a few seeds into some soil and collect an egg from the chicken coop.

I’m especially grateful for my little spot of peace and quiet on the farm right now.

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