Something exciting is happening!

Good morning! So today Guinness and I are heading to a studio in Manchester to do some filming!

We’ve been invited to a Pet Bloggers Event run by a company that want to interview me and do some filming of me and Guinness and Guinness in general.

I’m not going to mention the company yet as I want to make sure the day goes okay and I’m happy with it all first, but it’s all in the name of promoting healthy and active pets. Definitely right up our street!

I’m so excited but a little aphrehensive as I’ve never done anything like this before. The lady I’ve been emailing about it has been very nice and informative. I’m going to be supervising Guinness the whole time and won’t allow him to be in a situation that’s not happy about. So hopefully it’ll be a fun day.

Guinness was not so impressed when I put him in the bath last night! With all this rain we’ve been on a few muddy walks this week so he was pretty scruffy looking. I figured the least I could do was try to tidy him up a little for the camera.


I’m rushing back this afternoon to away on Scout Camp for the weekend. I’ll talk more about the event next week and I’ll be posting a few quick posts up tomorrow and Sunday.

My fun Friday trick is Leg Weaves.

It’s a cool and fast trick that helps to improve the dogs flexibility. Plus I think that it’s just pretty awesome in general! I taught it by luring with a treat then gradually removing the lure and hand signals as Guinness picked it up.


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